8 июн. 2009 г.

trophees du libre 2009

5-6 июня 2009 во франции проходил конкурс проектов с открытым кодом trophees du libre.
В категории Медия UniConvertor занял первое место.
Благодаря лидеру проекта sK1 Игорю Новикову в этом году было много проектов с постсоветского пространства, которые тоже отличились :)
В категории Научное MathGL занял первое место.

Дальше читаем копипаст с официального сайта конкурса.

Media :

1. UniConvertor : command line tool/library for vector graphics translation
2. Coherence : sharing video content, audio and images between different media
3. Kinovea : Video analysis and decomposition of movement
4. SMILE : Slideshow Maker In Linux Environnement

Professional :

1. GOsa : administration tool written in PHP and designed to administer accounts and systems in LDAP tree
2. Support Incident Tracker : application which uses PHP and MySQL for tracking technical support calls / emails.
3. Projectivity 3.0 : platform Web 2.0 customizable and accessible anywhere and anytime.
4. GSQL : a universal tool for developers of databases
5. Tine 2.0 : software which combines groupware, CRM and ERP in one system

Security :

1. Ksplice : software for updating the Linux kernel without rebooting
2. Enigform and mod_openpgp : connections to secure websites
3. Inquisitor : testing and performance evaluation, compared to hardware & drivers ...

Administration :

1. Linea21 : web application for the Agenda21 local
2. Tellmatic : management tool and create newsletters for personalized mailing

Sciences :

1. MathGL : creating graphics
2. Gmsh : software for automatic 3D mesh.
3. GRAPHITE : platform for research in 3D modeling and image synthesis.

Hobbies :

1. Pychess : Chess 100% coded in Python
2. Neverball : arcade Address & 3D
3. Djl : videogames manager for the operating system GNU / Linux

Education :

1. Vallect : swap around the personal reading
2. OSCAR : tools to manage a computer room
3. Emustru : a tutor of English online

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